What’s Bipper?

Bipper is a new safety solution for children’s mobile phones that consists of three services.

  • BipperLimits
  • BipperSafety
  • BipperLocation

It’s a software-based solution which is implemented directly on the SIM card you have received from VIVACOM or in installed Bipper Smart App.

Why do you need Bipper?

Children are younger and younger when they receive their first mobile phone and many parents experience a lot of uncertainty about this:

  • Who is the child really communicating with?
  • How large will the bill be?
  • Is it really ok to give young children their own mobile phone?

A mobile phone provides safety and easy communication, but it is also a source for uncertainty and worry. Most children use their mobile phones in a responsible manner, however, a lot of challenges have emerged after young children started having their own mobile phones; bullying, contact with strangers, large phone bills, and 24/7 availability.

Bipper puts the parents in the driver’s seat when it comes to children and mobile phones.

What do you need to use Bipper?

The customer needs to receive a new SIM card to use Bipper or to install Bipper Smart App. The service is then activated by the customer.

Parents will administer the Bipper services and the children’s mobile access from myBipper , our webportal.

The subscription is sold with compatible mobile phones.

Who is Bipper for?

Bipper is a mobile safety solution for children. Our customers are primarily parents with children in elementary school.

Does Bipper work abroad?

Bipper functionalities are not available in roaming.

Can Bipper be used by all mobile operators?

Bipper is offered exclusively in partnership with VIVACOM for a period of time. You can not use Bipper if you have a subscription with another operator.

Visit on of the VIVACOM shops to purchase and activate VIVA Bipper.

What’s the story behind Bipper?

Founder Silje Vallestad is an idealist with plans to continue her career within international idealistic work, but ended up starting her own mobile company after learning that children as young as six years old have mobile phones.

When her six year old daughter wanted her own mobile phone, she did extensive market research to look for safe and reliable mobile solutions. She concluded that none of the products on the market satisfied her needs as a parent.

Motivated by wanting children to be “safe while mobile” Silje Vallestad founded Bipper in 2007 to develop an innovative and safe mobile communication concept for children.

Initially, she had no technology knowledge or insight in the telecom industry, just a vision of what she wanted for her family. Read more about Silje at www.bipper.bg and follow her blog at www.bippermom.net.