How do I add a child?

Go to My children in the upper menu on the main page, and click on ‘Add a child’. You can also go to ‘Add a child’ at the bottom of the right meny – look for it below your registered children.

A popup window to start the registartion process will appear.

The registration process is similar to how you registered your first child. However, you do not have to activate Bipper nor choose settings for the various Bipper services in additinal registrations.

Does the child I register have to use Bipper?

No, your child does not have to register to use Bipper.

You may have a child who will receive a mobile phone in one or two years and you would like to setup his profile at this time.

Do I have to upload a profile picture of the child?

You do not have to upload a profile picture, but it makes it easier for you to use myBipper.

The profile pictures of you and your children are shown in the right menu where you also find short cuts to each person’s profile page. It is easier to select the right person if there is a profile picture.

And last but not least, your myBipper page looks much nicer with personalized pictures!

How do I activate the child’s Bipper?

When you register your first child, you must register the child’s mobile phone and activate Bipper for this number right away to complete the registration.

The reason for these mandatory steps is that it makes it easier for you to get started using the Bipper services.