What items are shown in the Status field?

The Status field easily informs you if the Bipper software is installed and ‘Active’ on the child’s mobile phone. In the Administration page "Child profile is active" means everything is in order.

When the status is listed is ‘Not Activated’, it means that the settings you have defined for the child’s mobile phone are not integrated on the phone, and the safety alarm and the location service wil not work. The mobile phone will work as a regular, unrestricted mobile phone.

What does it mean that Bipper is ‘updated’?

If Bipper is updated means that all settings you have made for the child’s mobile phone on myBipper are transferred to the mobile phone.

If the red button "Synchronization" is shown, it means that you have made some changes that have not been syncronized and updated on the mobile phone. If this is the case, the child’s profile in the left menu will show an red button "Synchronization".

How do I deactivate Bipper?

If you no longer would like to subscribe to Bipper, either for a limited time period or permanently, you can easily deactivate Bipper.

When Bipper is deactivated, the Bipper software on the SIM card or in the Bipper Smart App has been cut off. The SIM card will work as a regular SIM card and will not enforce any limits, it will not have a built-in safety alarm, nor will it support positioning requests. When the Bipper smart app is deactivated it is still installed on the child's phone, but it is not working and the phone acts as a regular one.

Deactivating Bipper does not mean you stop your mobile subscription, but rather that you deactivate the Bipper software. The mobile subscription can be stopped by contacting the operator’s customer service.