Why does the user name have to be an email address?

There are two reasons why your user name for myBipper must be an email address.

First, it is easier to remember your own email address than a chosen user name. Secondly, we use your email address to verify that you are who you say you are.

Of course, you can change your user name (your email address) if you want to.

Why can’t I be logged onto myBipper continuously?

You are automatically logged off myBipper after ten minutes of inactivity. The short time limit is done to increase the security of the solution.

You can define a longer period of inactivity (up to 300 minutes) before you are logged off myBipper, however, we suggest you carefully consider the necessity of increasing the threshold.

If you increase the threshold and other people have access to your computer, they can make changes to your and your children’s Bipper profiles without you knowing.

If you have requested email notifications for each change, you will always receive a message immediatly after a change has been made in your profile or your child’s profile.

Can I get myBipper in another language than those listed?

We are working on adding more languages for myBipper.

Why do I have to define a time zone?

When you registered at myBipper for the first time, you chose the country you live in. The country defines the time zone you belong to.

If you listed Bulgaria as your country, the time zone is GMT +2 and this is automatically listed as your time zone.

The time zone is important for the Time settings in your child’s profile so they are accurate compared with your child’s mobile phone location. If you have defined night time (for example 22:00-07:00) as a blocked period, this will only be correct in the time zone for your profile.

It is very important to change the time zone if you are located in a different time zone than earlier. This will ensure that your child’s time limits continue to function properly.

Why do I get so many emails about changes done to the pages?

You can define what change notifications you want to receive via email in ‘Profile’ and ‘Settings’ in the upper menu bar on the main page.

There are three main categories of email notifications:

  • Profile
  • Child profile (changes made by co-administrator)
  • Child profile (changes made by you)

There are several sub-categories of notificiations for each main category.

You decide!